Goddesses behind Gaia's

Gaia’s Garden opened their doors April 3rd 2021. Located at 600 Morro Bay Blvd Unit C, the enterance on Shasta Ave, neighboring Morro Bay Drug and Gift. This new business is owned by a local mother daughter team, Sierra Mace and Summer Birchell, both experienced entrepreneurs. The women behind the magic are here to “bring a unique healing experience to their home town on the Central Coast”.

Sierra and Summers buisness is driven by their passion and love for a different type of healing. Centered around spirituality and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. “What a better way to bring this gift to our community during these uncertain times other than opening a safe place of connection, unity, and healing” Mace and Birchell exclaimed!

Gaia’s Garden not only provides intuitively picked natural crystals, these ladies added a twist including a wide array of specialty house plants! Combining the two owners passions Birchell’s being the crystals and Mace’s being the plants. This dynamic duo couldn’t stop just there, they also love to support other local women in business including handmade jewelry, candles, and other metaphysical gifts!

Birchell and Mace strive to “provide a safe and nuturing environment to our customers to express and explore ones self.”